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A little departure from the usual instruction on the mental game of golf. I’ve been approached to do sponsored posts before, but only by companies which wouldn’t fit with what I’m building here. I have no such reservations about this company and I’m delighted to welcome them as a sponsor for this post. 


Golf and fashion have not always been easy bedfellows.Function18| Golf Bodypainting

Most non-golfers would laugh if you argued you could be a fashionable golfer.

They’d consider the two concepts to be completely at odds.

And, sometimes, it’s all too easy to see what they mean.

A casual glance at the crowds watching the Scottish Open, basking in the Invernesian sunshine, would have revealed a number of people decked head-to-toe in the type of apparel made famous by players like Jon Daly. A few others were wearing the boldly-coloured plaid favoured by the Poulters of this world.

But to focus on them would be to do the crowd an injustice.

For every fan decked out in garish hues, there were at least 3 in golf attire which was as stylish as it was tasteful. Well fitting polo shirts and crisp trousers abounded and it was only the labels which gave some away.  Others were in the unmistakeable colours of current golf fashions, but no less tasteful for that.

So it’s certainly possible to dress like a golfer and remain stylish, but there are obviously pitfalls which have to be avoided.

And online golf clothing store Function18 have got the clothes to help you do just that.

Function18 are a specialist online golf apparel website offering everything from tailored shorts in a bold-yet-tasteful check, right through to clothes you can wear away from the course without causing any raised eyebrows.

Why not check out their Galvin Green clothing collection for stylish golf wear, designed specifically for its purpose?

But the one, lasting, question from the weekend spent at Castle Stuart:

Why do so many spectators wear their golf shoes to tramp around the course?




[image credit: "Golf Bodypainting" by Eva Rinaldi (click on her name to see more amazing body art), used under Creative Commons licence]

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